Abu Dhabi Coop allocates 20 million to support Ramadan goods

Abu Dhabi Coop allocates 20 million to support Ramadan goods

Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society has allocated AED 3 million to support 2017 Ramadan basket, which was launched on Sunday, 14/5/2017, at the headquarters of the company in the presence of Abdullah Eid, Deputy Operations Manager at Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society, and Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy.

Abdullah Eid, Deputy Operations Manager, said that the Ramadan basket contains 90% of the high-quality food related to the holy month of Ramadan, such as 400 grams of pasta, 400 grams of UAE dates and 2 liters of oil. Sunflower, fruit juice concentrate, 710 ml Vimto, 100 tea bags, 5 kg of Pakistani basmati rice, 2 kg of Egyptian rice, sugar 2 kg, baking powder 454 grams, 500 kg oatmeal, flour 1 kg, 8 cans of tomato paste 70 grams, chickpeas 1 kg, dried beans 400 grams, Qamar alddin 400 grams, Rose water 450 ml)

He added that the Ramadan basket for 2017 is superior to its counterparts in terms of quality, price, diversity and number. While the original price is estimated at AED 157.50, it will be offered at the branches of the Abu Dhabi Co-operative, SPAR and Megamart at only AED 95. It is expected that 35,000 Ramadan baskets will be sold during this year, with 22,000 Ramadan baskets sold in Ramadan 2016. number of branches of the Assembly. In addition to our constant commitment to be available in all branches and at any time to consumers.

As for promotional offers in the Holy Month, we have allocated four offers for 2000 items with a discounted rate ranging from 30% to 50% of the normal price. A total of AED 17 million has been allocated for the month of Ramadan.

Abdullah Eid, Deputy Operations Manager, said that there is enough food to cover all the needs during the entire month of Ramadan. It is available in 43 branches of ADCOOPS, SPAR and Megamart in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Sufficient rice and oil were imported, and contracts were made with the major mills and Kuwaiti mills, as well as long-term milk imported from the parent company.

For his part, Dr. Hashim Al-Naimi, Director of the Department of Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy, said that there is no change in prices as there are 100 fixed items in 43 branches. Al Nuaimi also appreciated the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society and its keenness to provide all the goods needed by the family during the month of Ramadan.

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