Interview with Ibrahim Abdulla Al Bahar, CEO of ADCOOPS

Interview with Ibrahim Abdulla Al Bahar, CEO of ADCOOPS

Since 1981, Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society (ADCOOPS) has always been a symbol of a modern, progressive, and service oriented hypermarket / supermarket chain. ADCOOPS has grown rapidly to become a multi-format, multi-brand retail network that includes the internationally recognized SPAR brand. With a network of over 40 outlets spread all across UAE and 7 shopping malls (including Makani mall Al Shamkha and upcoming Makani mall Zakher in Al Ain), Adcoops employs more than 2500 qualified and trained professionals from over 41 countries. Driving this growth is its CEO Mr. Ibrahim Abdulla Al Bahar, an experienced leader with specialist expertise in the retail hypermarket industry. ADCOOPS has been able to build an amazing growth path despite heavy competition due to the combination of his excellent leadership skills and innovative smart strategies.


One of the first steps that Mr. Al Bahar took was to ensure that the right talent was identified to lead and execute the growth vision. He also created a structured internal operations team that setup the process flow and increased the efficiency of the organization while enhancing the wide range of products and services to its loyal customer base. Building the organization further, he then setup a market research department with a focus on understanding and prioritizing consumer preferences while ensuring that ADCOOPS was still competitive and


price benchmarked to deliver outstanding value to customers without compromising on quality. As part of modernizing and leading the growth efforts, Mr. Al Bahar is personally involved in ensuring all new outlets reflect Interview with Ibrahim Abdulla Al Bahar, CEO of ADCOOPS the modern look and feel that provides an enhanced and enjoyable shopping environment to its customers. In addition to the above, all modern aspects of technology is fully utilized in the supermarkets, whether in terms of using the latest in retail display and merchandising technologies or the usage of social media to connect and engage with customers, ADCOOPS is leading the change in the market!


Mr. Al Bahar has achieved all this growth and change without compromising on the traditional values of UAE. ADCOOPS employs UAE nationals, builds local talent, uses Arabic as primary administrative language, local customs and traditions are respected. A strong believer of contributing to the society, Mr. Al Bahar takes a lot of effort to reach out and support the local community and is heavily involved in outreach activities. Many initiatives taken include support to Emirates Red Crescent, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation, Sports Clubs, U.A.E Disabled Sports Federation, Ministry of Social Affairs/ Community Development.


Mr. Al Bahar advices youth to trust in God and believe in themselves, “Accept the challenge, push aggressively for results and always follow up personally on your projects”. It is natural that ADCOOPS will continue to build its market share with inspirational leadership from visionaries like Mr. Ibrahim Abdulla Al Bahar

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