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COOP City store opens in Deena Tower, Abu Dhabi

COOP City store opens in Deena Tower, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society announces launch of 24hour COOP City store

11th November 2021, Abu Dhabi, UAE: Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society announces the opening of the new COOP City store, located at Deena Tower in Abu Dhabi. The Deena Tower store is a 24-hour site with a floor space of about 107 sqm and estimated to bring in a footfall of 6,300 customers daily. With a broad range of product selections and competitive pricing, it aims at catering to the everyday essentials of residents in the area.

Positioned amongst the big names in the industry, Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society has seen a steady growth in the United Arab Emirates over the last few years, adding more stores to its roster. Consumers today are savvy, health conscious and growing more mindful of their choices. These, brand-new strategic locations are a great way to showcase the consistently good quality of everyday essentials conveniently available at the COOP City stores.

The COOP City stores are sleekly designed modern supermarkets, catering to the diverse needs of its customers, who range from Emiratis to the various other Nationalities that reside throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Spokesperson and Chief Operating Officer of ADCOOP, Bejoy Thomas Pulickel “We are happy to add yet another branch, it gives us an opportunity to reach out to more customers in new areas and to bring them our carefully selected wide range of local fresh produce. As always, we are committed to understanding our customers and delivering their expectations of everyday essentials in a simple, convenient and accessible manner.”

About Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society’s COOP City stores

COOP City stores is the convenience store format of Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society.

A pioneer in this industry, ADCOOPS has forged the way ahead in forming retail chains of hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores in the United Arab Emirates. It has since its inception, seen year to year on steady growth, successfully operating retail brands and products in more than 45 supermarkets and 5 shopping malls across the country.

COOP City stores are planned to be strategically located in urban residential areas with a medium to high density population. Aiming to attract the residents as the store to go to for their everyday essentials.

Our COOP City stores is a young and dynamic expression of our brand. The stores are fully equipped for today’s neighbourhood and on the go shopper habits delivered around an aura of convenience and value.

Our COOP City stores differentiate itself with serviced fresh offerings, stationery and other day-to-day essentials much align to the changed shopper behavior of today.