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The Local Productive Families Empowerment Movement

The Local Productive Families Empowerment Movement

Celebrating Our Nation, Empowering Our People!

As the UAE gears up to commemorate the 52nd National Day, Adcoops is thrilled to announce a special initiative that echoes our unwavering commitment to the country and its people – The Local Productive Families Empowerment Movement

Home made locally produce products

In 5 diffrent
location and branches

FREE of charge

Participating Branches:

  1. Coop Makani MBZ Z7: Google Map Guide
  2. Coop Bain Al-Jisreen: Google Map Guide
  3. Spar Khalifa City A: Google Map Guide
  4. Spar Shamkha: Google Map Guide
  5. Spar Zahker (Al Ain): Google Map Guide

How It Works:

Each month, we will select 20 dedicated vendors to showcase their outstanding products across our 5 participating stores. Our roaster model ensures a rich variety of locally crafted goods, providing our valued customers with a diverse and meaningful shopping experience.

Calling All Local Productive Families:

Are you a passionate creator? Do you craft unique, high-quality products that embody the spirit of our nation? We invite YOU to be a part of this exceptional initiative!

Registration is Now Open:

To participate in the selection process, click on the link below and fill out the registration form. This National Day, let’s come together to celebrate our everlasting legacy and empower our community!

Register Now!

Registration Guidelines:

  • Obtain a business license from a recognized economic authority in the UAE.
  • Obtain specific licensing for food-related activities from the municipal authority in the respective emirate.
  • Home-based cooks can register under trader licenses.
  • Initiate the process by requesting the issuance of Preliminary Approval and Certificate.
  • Common Requirements for ADAFSA Approval.
    • Provide an ID Card
    • Submit a Site Plan
    • Original official letter from the license provider

Why Participate?

Exposure in Adcoops stores
Reach a broader audience.
Boost your sales and visibility

Join us in commemorating the 52nd National Day by contributing to the prosperity of our nation. This initiative is not just about products; it's a commitment to building a legacy of success together