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Our premium seafood range is rich in taste and goodness. Using the finest catch, each product is hygienically cleaned and packed to preserve nutrients and maintain freshness.

Ocean Wave is fulfilling ADCOOPs commitment to bring nature’s best to you.

Being one of Abu Dhabi’s largest food service distributors, we offer the freshest and most hygienically packed seafood to make your everyday meals delightful. From appetizers to main courses, you can enjoy restaurant-like dishes at home with the succulent and delicious range of products by Ocean Wave. Bring your recipe to life with our range of premium seafood.

The freshest catch from the ocean is sourced sustainably and packed without adding preservatives. The catch is frozen using the IQF (individual quick freezing) technique to retain its freshness and nutrition. At Ocean Wave, we prioritize high quality and convenience over everything else. 

Cook restaurant-like dishes at home quickly and easily to make your meal a feast with our seafood range.

Fresca is an in-house brand of ADCOOP, fulfilling all your grocery needs with an exhaustive range of kitchen items. We understand your evolving needs and bring top-notch products at the best prices.

Fresca brings premium quality personal care and hygiene products such as tissues, kitchen towels, and kitchen wipes. You can find products for all occasions ranging from everyday use to party supplies such as disposable dishes and cutlery at Fresca. Our products are made using sustainable methods and add convenience to your life. All items come in reusable packaging for convenient and hygienic consumption.


The finest collection of kitchen consumables for all your family needs.


Keep your family safe and your home clean with our wide range of cleaning products from Jet.

Jet from ADCOOP makes your life easier and mess-free.

Controlling the spread of germs and keeping your clothes and surroundings clean is the gateway to good health. We help you prioritize hygiene while cutting down the time you spend cleaning. Jet brings to you a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions enriched with powerful stain cutters and effective germ killers. Our products are useful in cleaning each corner of your house and workplace including the bathroom, kitchen, rooms, office, and even outdoors.

Keeping your surroundings tidy is a breeze with the wide range of products offered by Jet. Our range includes products like detergent powder and liquid for clean and stain-free laundry each day. Liquid and powder dish wash for germ-free sparkling crockery. Surface disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners in easy-to-use packaging help you safeguard your family from germs every day. Scrubbers and wipes that cut through build-ups to leave your space sparkling clean.

Jet products deliver heavy-duty performance helping you battle stubborn oil and grease while they are safe for daily use.

SPAR and Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society have partnered to make your everyday shopping convenient across UAE. We serve world-class quality products in our multi-format retail stores. An extensive range of fresh foods including fruits, vegetables, fish, and bakery products, are segregated across the store to bring the best from across the globe to you. The innovative in-store roastery and Food-to-Go sections make your shopping experience with us better.

SPAR products are sourced both locally and internationally to ensure you buy the best and freshest products. Product assortments at SPAR are also tailored to suit the needs of both local and expatriate communities. We also offer high-quality daily essentials like cereals, rice, lentils, oil etc. All products are packed hygienically and stored as per food safety norms at all our stores. Our modern supermarkets have an all under one roof store layout to make your grocery shopping a breeze.


An extensive range of fresh and high-quality daily essentials packed with care to offer the best for your family.


Entire range of affordably priced products – everyday needs at everyday prices.

Sondos is a comprehensive range of everyday products offered by ADCOOP to make your shopping quicker and convenient. Sondos offers handpicked food items from the best quality dry fruits to rice, whole grains, and pulses. Meet your daily nutritional needs with a wide range of healthy products for preparing your snacks and meals.

From oils to condiments like ketchup and jams, all our products contain only natural ingredients so that you buy the best for your family. All our offerings come in convenient reusable packaging and even large packs for bulk purchases allowing you to stock the most used items.

ADCOOP prioritizes your need for cleanliness and hygiene by offering a comprehensive range of personal hygiene and disinfection products for home, office, and school use. Bristol is our range of cleaning products to keep you safe all day long. We provide complete germ protection for your entire family through high-quality products. These cleaning products actively fight pathogens and harmful microbes leaving your surroundings hygienic.

You can use our products to sanitize your hands, body, fabrics, and even surfaces. We bring to you gentle cleansing and thorough disinfection through carefully selected additives such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Lactic Acid, and Citric Acid. Killing harmful bacteria and viruses Bristol’s products leave your body, laundry, and surroundings clean and fresh.

Pick from our range of antibiotic hand wash, soap, and dishwashing liquid for everyday usage. Bristol also helps you keep diseases at bay by disinfecting your space with powerful cleaners for surface, toilet, and glass. They help cut through buildups and even mold while leaving the area clean and pleasant. All our products are safe for daily usage and do not contain strong chemicals.


Offering complete protection and cleanliness – everyday care for your entire family.

Butter Cup

Baked treats for all the family to enjoy.

Butter Cup from ADCOOP brings delicious treats in delightful packaging to add sweetness to your day. Cupcakes from Butter Cup are hand-crafted by the most talented bakers in a hygienic environment. Our treats are made from the freshest ingredients and designed creatively to match various party themes. We prepare customized gourmet delights that are perfect for serving guests on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, or business events.

Butter Cup offers a wide variety of flavors, frostings, sizes, styles, toppings, and decorations to add charm to your parties. We offer a wide variety of flavors and fillings to help you make sure every guest gets something as per their taste. Our range includes everything from plain and simple cupcakes for a quick treat to intricately designed delicacies for celebrations. Brimming with flavors these cupcakes are ideal for use by bakers as well. They can be easily put together to create a bigger customized order or can be used as decorations in elaborate designs. Cupcakes from Butter Cup are the best option to pick when you give in to your sweet cravings.

Nature’s Finest provides genuine organic products at the ADCOOP store. Our products support a healthy and conscious lifestyle for your entire family. Aimed at holistic wellbeing, we bring only the finest products curated by health experts for your family. Our naturally grown products promote true wellness by bringing the goodness of nature into each pack. Our range of packaged food items is sourced locally as well as globally. Each ingredient is cultivated by certified organic farmers using a pesticide and chemical-free environment to grow them. All products are sundried, air-dried, or may undergo minimal processing to retain the true nutritional value of each ingredient. Nature’s Finest is committed to setting new standards through responsible packaging and premium quality ingredients. Buy the best offerings of nature for your family and gift them good health each day.

Nature’s Finest

An extensive range of organic products to help keep you and your family healthy.

King Nuts

A full range of exotic nuts and dried fruits.

King Nuts brings the best of nature through its offerings at ADCOOP stores. We offer premium quality dry fruits such as Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Pistachios, Prunes, Figs, and Walnut Kernels. These are fortified with essential nutrients and minerals to make them great for the health of your family. They help in keeping your immunity high. Our dry fruits are ideal for an enriching breakfast or a healthy snack. You can stay rejuvenated through the day upon consuming these natural storehouses of energy.

Dry fruits from King Nuts are sourced organically to bring the best quality products for you. All our offerings are hygienically cleaned and packed to retain their nutritional value. They come in air-tight packaging to lock the freshness of dry fruits and increase their longevity.

Starting each day with a handful of dry fruits from King Nuts will help you enjoy health and vitality. Regular intake of dry fruits helps in controlling weight and managing cholesterol levels. High-quality nuts are a great alternative to unhealthy snacks for kids and adults. Consuming a handful of nuts also helps keep the risk of cancer or heart diseases low.

Free Ranch from ADCOOP fills your day with nutrition and energy. We offer high-quality eggs perfect for a healthy breakfast sourced from local farms. Our eggs are rich in protein, contain beneficial fats, and are enriched with vitamins and minerals to make your body ready for the daily grind.

Free Ranch Eggs come from hens raised in a cage-free and pesticide-free environment. These free-range birds are raised in a caring environment to produce the best and most nutritious eggs. We maintain the quality of each egg by providing healthy feed, clean air, natural lighting, and lots of space for our poultry. Their eggs are thus packed with calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin E, and folate.  With Free Ranch Eggs, you get great taste and nutrition that comes from happily raised hens.

Plan a delicious and nutritious breakfast with Free Ranch Eggs to make every day bright. You can enjoy them boiled, fried, scrambled, poached, or the way you like it. Fulfill the nutritional needs of your body with our fortifying and tasty eggs.

Free Ranch

High-quality free-range eggs. Rich in taste and full of nutrients.

Vie Drop Water

Straight from the beautiful Hatta mountains in our own UAE, we bring you this wonderfully fresh local brand of water. Naturally low sodium and rich in nutrients, Vie Crop bottled water is packaged responsibly and available exclusively at Abu Dhabi Cooperative society branches.