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ADCOOPS exceeds Emiratization targets year-on-year

ADCOOPS exceeds Emiratization targets year-on-year

Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society aims to hire over 500 Emirati in the next five years

ADCOOPS aim to increase the number of Emirati employees in the company and to enhance their efficiency, flexibility and productivity in the retails industry compared to the international standards in terms of retail practices. The decision followed the UAE government’s new target to increase the percentage of UAE national employees to 10% within the next five years. 

The Emiratization is closely associated with two important principles on which the ‘Projects of the 50’ are based. The second and the fourth principle; of believing that building a dynamic economy is a national responsibility. The UAE government continues to draw from the wisdom of its Founder, the late Sheikh Zayed, and his legacy continues to ignite change within the country with the approach of the 50th national day. 

ADCOOPS has set out the following targets to help with the company’s Emiratization growth as the organisation sets its sights on exceeding the governments employment targets:

  • Become a strategic partner and a retail leader to employ UAE national job seekers 
  • Encourage Emiratis to join the retail industry 
  • Train young Emiratis to work in the stores and malls
  • Provide and exceptional customer service to their customers reflecting the UAE culture 

As an Emirates born business, His Excellency Saeed Eid Al Ghalfi, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of ADCOOPS comments, “We believe it is important to continuously diversify and expand our workforce, and specifically by employing Emiratis into the business who can carry through the legacy of what ADCOOPs stands for to future generations.

“At ADCOOPS we hold a sense of responsibility to support, upskill and implement the government’s Nafis programme into the business. We look forward to showcasing the talent of UAE nationals across the country as we thank the government for introducing such a scheme that can recognise the Emirates as a nation of growth and development through UAE national talents.”

Over the past years, ADCOOPS has been keen to increase the percentage of Emiratisation among its staff to reach more than 26% in senior management positions.

Moving Forward ADCOOPS have set several targets to help the company exceed under the Emiratization Nafis programme. These include hiring 500 UAE nationals in the next five years, aiming to have 20% of its total workforce as Emiratis, and to deploy UAE Nationals across all retail stores, shopping malls and administration.

As part of ADCOOPS Emiratization scheme they are looking to hire new Emarati graduates form universities and institutes in the country based on their skill and speciality and who can fit the work requirements.

ADCOOPS praises the vision and legacy that HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, and the late Sheikh Zayed have set for the UAE and have encouraged through the introduction of the UAE’s Emiratization scheme. Complementing this approach, ADCOOPS will be shed light on developing the skills of UAE nationals in the retail sector.

About Abu Dhabi Co-Operative Society

Recognised as the pioneer of UAE’s retail industry since its inception, ADCOOPS, successfully operates retain brands with over 45 hypermarket, supermarket and convenience stores, as well as 5 shopping malls across the UAE.